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Geotechnical / Remediation

Involved in the remediation work following a geotechnical hazard (failure).        PI PRO was able to provide on-site support during the remediation work to ensure engineered drawings/plans were executed accordingly.

Inspection Test Plan (ITP)

Following the failure of a piece of critical equipment, PI PRO created an inspection test plan (ITP) identifying steps to be followed from surface preparation prior to NDE through to recoat in subsequent equipment assessments as per client requirements.

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Consulting Services


Pipeline owner was made aware of a potential injurious anomaly during construction of a large diameter pipeline.  PI PRO was able to identify the appropriate technology to identify, locate and assess the anomaly without creating further delays to the project.

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Compliance Audit

PI PRO is currently involved in the turnover process of a large diameter transmission pipeline.  The turnover documentation is reviewed for compliance and non-conforming items identified in accordance with the reporting requirements / document control.

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Training (Field Inspection)

PI PRO is currently developing a Pipeline Integrity Training Program for a Pipeline Owner / Operator.  PI PRO will facilitate the training of Field Inspectors and in-house personnel. The hybrid training program will provide an in-person and on-line training component.  A Knowledge Evaluation will be completed as part of the curriculum.

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ILI Validation - Field Verification

Following issuance of the preliminary findings from a "NEW" In-Line Inspection (ILI) Tool technology, a small number of Dig Sites were selected for "Validation" of the ILI results.  It is vitally important to the Operator, ILI Vendor and NDE/PIA Vendor that the information collected is accurate; as the developed Dig Program may be based upon the results of the ILI validation.

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